1. Setting Up

Getting the Tutorial Aka Model

Download the tutorial Aka model from here.

This is a version of the Aka example model by Seagetch, but with only the head, which is what we’ll focus on.

Importing the model in to Creator


To import Aka, either click Import PSD within the startup window, or select File->Import->Photoshop Document from the main menu.

Once selected Inochi Creator should look like this:


Something’s off…


You may wonder why the shadows are looking all garbled on her right now, right?

All the shadow layers in the PSD are just bundled on to each other, so shadows cast shadows on shadows. We’ll fix that in the coming chapters!

Saving and Loading a Model

Now that we have the model loaded in to Inochi Creator, let’s save it!

Go to the File->Save option in the main menu and select where to save it.
For now, let’s save it as FirstModel in a location of your choosing.

If you now close and re-open Inochi Creator your project should be visible in the Recent Projects list!