Installing FFMPEG

Installing FFMPEG on Windows

Currently you’ll need to manually install ffmpeg on your system on Windows, we plan to support an automatic installer within Inochi Creator eventually.

Manual local installation

  1. Go to, and find the Windows packages.

  2. Follow the instructions on the page you are redirected to

  3. Once you have the ZIP archive find the bin/ folder within it.

  4. Put ffmpeg.exe next to inochi-creator.exe.

System-wide with Chocolatey

If you have Chocolatey installed you can install ffmpeg system wide with it.

1choco install ffmpeg

Installing FFMPEG on Linux

Download FFMPEG from your system’s package manager, on Ubuntu and Debian based systems the following command will install ffmpeg

1sudo apt install ffmpeg

Installing FFMPEG on macOS

FFMPEG can be installed on macOS through homebrew, which you can install here

Once brew is setup you can run the following command to install ffmpeg to your system.

1brew install ffmpeg