The Export Video Dialog


The video export dialog allows you to specify settings for the exported video.

Some settings may be discarded due to incompatibility with the output file format, such as discarding transparency for opaque video formats.



You will need at least 1 animation and 1 camera in your scene to export video!

Otherwise you just get a sad error box telling you to go do that.

Starting an Export

To start an export, go to File->Export->Video from the main menu.

You will then be presented with a dialog asking you where you wish to save the video file.

If the option is grayed out, see Installing FFMPEG.


The following section allows you to adjust some settings about the camera for export.

Camera dropdown

The camera dropdown lets you select which camera to use, if the camera is affected by the Animation, then you can export video with zooms, pans, etc.

Allow Transparency

Whether Inochi Creator should try to export the background with transparency, only some formats and codecs support this, though!

Use Post Processing

Whether Inochi Creator should use the scene lighting in the exported video, this allows your model to have glowing elements, etc.


Animation dropdown

Lets you select which animation to export to file.


How many times the main section of the animation should be looped, setting this value to 0 is semantically the same as setting it to 1.


The framerate of the video file to export

Lock to Animation Framerate

Disables smoothing of mismatched framerates between video export and animation framerate.


Which video codec to use for export, by default Inochi Creator will try to automatically infer the codec.

Eg. for H.264 video you’ll want to export an mp4 file, with the H.264 codec selected in the list.



The assumptions Inochi Creator makes with the Automatic option may be wrong!

If you want to be 100% sure that Inochi Creator uses the right codec, please set it from the list!