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On this page, you will find documentation for the officially supported projects under the Inochi2D banner. Use the sidebar on the left to select a project to get documentation from, and a topic you want to read about.

What is Inochi2D?

Inochi2D is an open source specification for a 2D character animation system that allows characters to be animated in real-time for games and VTubing. Inochi2D achieves this by deforming textures in real time based on parameters the rigger sets in Inochi Creator.

This documentation page covers:
  • Inochi Creator

  • Inochi Session

  • Inochi2D Specification for implementers

  • Inochi2D SDK for developers

Inochi Creator is the official tooling to create animated rigs for use with Inochi2D compliant software and games.

Inochi Session is the official tooling to use Inochi2D models for VTubing, using various forms of body and face tracking.

Inochi2D Specification is meant for developers that want to implement Inochi2D in their preferred engine.

Inochi2D SDK is the official Software Development Kit that allows integrating Inochi2D in to your games and software.

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